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    UviCube reinvents how we look at sanitizing everyday items. Below are the DESIGN FEATURES of UviCube and some general OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS on how UviCube can eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria when exposed to UV light.  In addition, UviCube can dry and store baby bottles, pacifiers and cups until they are needed. Please to refer to the Owner’s Manual for more detail on how to maximize the disinfecting properties of UV light for the best results.


    • 12"(W)x14"(D)x15"(H) / Weighs approx. 18 lbs.
    • Holds up to 7 bottles and their accessories depending on the size
    • LCD screen that displays remaining time
    • A mini tablet fits perfectly on the tray
    • High-quality UL-rated electronic components and materials
    • High-polish, high-grade stainless steel inner-chamber
    • Mirror-tinted tempered glass door & auto shut-off mechanism for safety.
    • Universal power supply (AC 100V-240V/47-63HZ)
    UviCube Features


    Please read the Instruction Manual for complete details and the proper use of UviCube.

    WASH the bottles in warm soapy water and rinse well

    SHAKE off the excess water well to maximize the drying function. 
    LOAD bottles. UviCube has a highly reflective inner chamber to maximize the reach and exposure of UV light.  However, please be mindful that UV light does not penetrate plastic or glass, and ensure that you spread the objects out and not pile them on top of each other, as surfaces need as much exposure to light as possible for the germs to be eliminated.

    SELECT cycle with the “SELECT CYCLE” button. The selected cycle will blink.
    START cycle with the “START” button located underneath the “SELECT CYCLE” button. 

    Please make sure the door is properly closed for the cycle to start. For safety, UviCube will not operate if the door is not completely closed.

    NOTE: Drying results may vary depending on how well you shake off the bottles, the shape of the bottles and general humidity conditions.

    UviCube purposely uses a low-heat infrared bulb, which may have varying results on some types of bottles and items. Higher heat results in better drying results, however may cause burns and may shorten the lifespan of your items.

    Bottles should be shaken very thoroughly to make sure that large droplets do not form at the bottom of the bottle.

    Please make sure that both protective covers from the IR bulb and UV lamp are REMOVED (refer to instruction manual page 11). In some instances, customeres have unintentionally left the IR bulb cover, which limits the ability of the bulb to heat and dry the bottles.


    35 minutes of drying + 10 minutes of sanitizing

    UviCube uses a low-heat infrared lamp to dry wet objects before exposure to UV light.

    This cycle is recommended for items such as bottles, sippy cups, teething toys, utensils, etc. 

    Position items so that they receive optimal exposure to UV light.

    Please read the Owner's Manual for complete details.

    10 minutes of sanitizing

    This cycle is recommended for items that do not need drying or are sensitive to heat and moisture such as remote controls, cell phones, electronics, certain toys or other personal items. Position items so that they receive optimal exposure to UV light.  

    Please read the Owner's Manual for complete details.

    5 minutes of circulation

    This cycle is recommended if you feel the need for additional drying or to ventilate the inner chamber between uses.

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