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    UviCube Founders

    "Wellness Begins With Cleanliness"

    Meet the Founders (click here to watch our Kickstarter video)

    Our first child Callie, was born with an infection and minor heart problem.  If that wasn’t enough, Callie was born in Asia during the H1N1 outbreak, so we were on high alert.  Thankfully, the germicidal properties of UV light used in hospitals, water purification and food processing started finding applications for the home and we owned a host of devices to make life a little easier.  But when we moved back to the states and had our second child, Rocket, we found that the UV devices that were so helpful for Callie weren’t available here, and even if we decided to import these items, the voltage was incompatible.  That’s when we decided that there was an opportunity to share this with other parents in the United States.

    We designed UviCube for the U.S. market, making it familiar to use and understand.  Because it’s such a new and unique product, we were careful to design UviCube to be a great conversation piece, but not look out of place in any kitchen or nursery.  We wanted to create something that would look good in any American household.  

    We wanted to combine the common sense of a modern parent with the technical expertise needed to produce a quality product that we would use for our very own children.  So we partnered with experts in the areas of electronics and medical devices from Southern California to balance convenience, safety and effectiveness.  Our goal was to develop a professionally designed, commercially manufactured product. UviCube has been built and tested to meet U.S. standards. We also made sure that an independent and recognized laboratory in the U.S. validated the 99.9% elimination of harmful bacteria.  

    We all face challenges as parents in deciding what is best for our children.  I hope that UviCube can help give you that peace of mind, at least when it comes to keeping them away from harmful germs.  

    Autumn Colayco
    Mother of Two
    Founder of UviCube